Core Aeration, Dethatching & Overseeding

Core Aeration, Dethatching & Overseeding

Want to know the secret to a "golf course" quality lawn? De-thatch and aerate your yard in the spring or fall! When you combine these services with a high-quality fertilization program, you have the recipe for the PERFECT lawn!! Contact Rockytop today for an estimate for these necessary and beautifying services!

Give your yard some much-needed TLC

Did you know that even your yard needs oxygen? You can give your grass roots the air they need with yearly core aeration. Rockytop Property Maintenance will use a machine to remove plugs in your soil that are blocking the air flow underground.

In addition to air, core aeration allows water and much-needed nutrients to reach your soil and allow your plant life to flourish. Schedule core aeration for your yard in Elkhart, Mishawaka or South Bend, IN today.

Don't ignore the dangers of thatch in your yard

Your yard is made of several layers of grass, and one of those is a layer of organic matter called thatch. When the thatch becomes too thick, it can lead to damage in your yard, such as...

  • Pest infestations
  • Lawn diseases
  • Air, water and nutrient deprivation in the soil
  • Spongy patches on the lawn

You can avoid the dangers of a thick thatch layer by arranging for dethatching services. With the layer removed, your yard will be healthy and green. Learn more about our dethatching services today by calling 877-246-9776.

Cultivate a lush yard with ease

It's an eyesore to have bare patches in your lawn, but it can be hard to make your grass grow evenly. Let our team fill in the bare spots with seasonal overseeding. We'll plant grass seeds directly into the turf without damaging the soil. You'll see your yard transform from a dead, patchy mess to a lush green space in no time.