Snow Plowing

No-one likes to do battle with old-man winter!! Let Rockytop take care of your commercial or residential property so you don't have to worry about it! We have a fleet of (6) pickup trucks, a backhoe with plow and push box as well as a HUGE municipal plow to handle anything mother nature can throw at you. We have many residential driveways all the way up to large parking lots that trust us to keep them in the clear. We know how to deal with the white stuff and keep you moving even in the most extreme environments.

Ever had to worry about salt being tracked into your business from that nasty, dirty rock salt most companies spread? DON'T SETTLE!! At Rockytop, we use a brine mix that works to -20 or less degrees. Not only will your parking lot be free of ice and snow when others aren't, you won't have to sweep and mop your business due to salt being dragged into your facility again! Best of all, the price is very comparable to rock salt so why not have the best??

Call Rockytop today to make sure you aren't worried about those blizzards that can come up anytime to ruin your day!!